Welcome to AiiDA-VASP’s documentation!

AiiDA-VASP is a plug-in for the workflow management and data provenance tracking framework AiiDA. It provides the classes AiiDA needs to run simulations using VASP (Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package). VASP is a program for atomic scale materials modelling, e.g. electronic structure calculations and quantum-mechanical molecular dynamics, from first principles. For more info and a list of features look here. For detailed documentation about using VASP take a look at the documentation page or the wiki

AiiDA-VASP is under active development, check out the newest changes here: changelog

Getting started

If you use python for other things chances are you have a working system to manage your virtual environments. Please note that AiiDA as well as this plug-in are tested with both conda as well as virtualenvwrapper.

If you are already using AiiDA, simply activate the virtualenv you are using it in. Otherwise, set up a python virtualenv:

$ pip install virtualenvwrapper
$ mkvirtualenv --python=python2.7 aiida-vasp-env
$ workon aiida-vasp-env

Or using conda:

$ conda create -n aiida-vasp-env python=2
$ source activate aiida-vasp-env

Install the plug-in using:

$ pip install aiida-vasp
$ reentry scan -r aiida  # (not necessary if using 'develop' branch of aiida)

This will automatically install the AiiDA python package(s) as well as any other dependencies of the plug-in and register all the plugin classes with AiiDA. Follow the steps in the AiiDA documentation to complete setting up AiiDA. Of course, if you had AiiDA already set up, you don’t need to do that.

After setting up the database and profile and configuring the compute resources, you might want to run an example VASP calculation.

$ (aiida-venv) git clone github.com/aiida-vasp/aiida-vasp $ (aiida-venv) python aiida-vasp/examples/run_vasp simple –import-from <POTCAR-path> <code> <computer>

Where <POTCAR-path> is the path to a set of POTCAR files (for example .../vasp_pot/potpaw_PBE), <code> is the PK or name of the code you set up in AiiDA for running VASP, <computer> is the PK or name of the computer you set up in AiiDA for running VASP on.

Running calculations

  • Take a look at the file example run_vasp_direct for an example code on how to create and submit a VASP calculation from python code.
  • Take a look at the file example run_vasp_lean for an example on how to do the same via an AiiDA WorkChain.
  • Read about running structure relaxations in the How To section <howto/relax_wc/one-off>

Managing potcar files

AiiDA-VASP takes care of managing your POTCAR files, but because they are part of the VASP licence, you need to obtain them separately and make them available to AiiDA-VASP. You should have recieved a folder (tar archive) containing multiple subfolders (tar archives), each representing a set of POTCAR files intended to be used together. AiiDA-VASP allows you to upload only the sets (or even individual potentials) you require, and keep them grouped in so called “families”.

The command line tools for these tasks are written as plugins to AiiDA, they can be called through AiiDA’s verdi command like so:

$ verdi data vasp-potcar --help
Usage: verdi data vasp-potcar [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

   Top level command for handling VASP POTCAR files.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  exportfamily  Export a POTCAR family into a compressed tar...
  listfamilies  List available families of VASP potcar files.
  uploadfamily  Upload a family of VASP potcar files.

To make for example the PBE.54 family of POTCAR files available, use the uploadfamily command like so:

$ verdi data vasp-potcar uploadfamily --path=vasp_pot/potpaw_PBE.54.tar --name=PBE.54 --description="PBE potentials for version 5.4"

Which will allow you to pass for example the following to the base workchain:

$ inputs.potential_family = Str('PBE.54')
$ inputs.potential_mapping = DataFactory('parameter')(dict={'In': 'In_d', 'As': 'As'})

Assuming you will run VASP on an InAs structure and wish to use the potpaw_PBE.54/In_d/POTCAR and the potpaw_Ppotpaw_PBE.54/As/POTCAR potentials.

More information about managing POTCAR files can be found here:

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