3. Install RabbitMQΒΆ

AiiDA relies on RabbitMQ. The installation of this requires super user privileges. On Fedora 30 or later you typically install this with:

$ sudo dnf install rabbitmq-server
$ sudo systemctl enable rabbitmq-server
$ sudo systemctl start rabbitmq-server

On Debian (e.g. Ubuntu) systems you would only have to execute:

$ sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server

We can check if RabbitMQ is running by issuing:

$ sudo rabbitmqctl status

If it is not running on your Debian system, try a restart. Now, RabbitMQ is enabled and running. It should start every time you restart your computer. In case you run into problems, consult the detailed installation instructions for RPM based systems (CentOS, Fedora, etc.) and Debian based systems.